Studying in Australia: Updated Tuition fees and Living Costs

Friday, July 31, 2020

Do you want to study in Australia? Start preparing financially and take a look at these prices.

Australia hosts around 600,000 students from all over the world, who arrive with the dream of earning a degree and getting in touch with other cultures. As one of the most popular study destinations, Australia is also the most expensive study destinations, with students needing $14,600 USD for living costs alone, according to the student visa requirements.

 Tuition fees and course costs

Even tough Australia is expensive, tuition fees differ greatly according to the region. It is worth exploring the country. Undergraduate degrees, offered through both online learning and in-person courses, cost anywhere from US$ 14,351 to US$ 32,290. Undergraduate degrees such as bachelor’s degrees last between three and four years full-time in Australia. 

If you are looking for a master’s degree at one of the bests universities in Australia, you should know that Australian universities charge from US$14,000 to US$35,000. 

The most expensive undergraduate degrees are related to the veterinary and medical fields. For instance, a bachelor’s degree in Arts at the Australian National University costs US$27,500, while a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science is about US$36,800.

An advantage for international students is that they can pay their fees ahead of time. This may help with budgeting during the school term. Fees are not calculated per year, but per unit. Most students choose a different combination of units from different bands and each unit fall into a different costing: so, the costs are not fixed but vary each year. 

Living costs

The costs vary according to the region: rural regions and westerns Australian states are much cheaper than urban areas like Sydney or Melbourne, which has an added expense if you live downtown. 

  • On-campus: from US$315 to US$789 per month
  • Homestay: from US$320 to US$860 per month
  • Share rental accommodation: from US$270 to US$610 per month

There are other essential costs to consider, such as public transportation. A weekly pass can cost from US$20 to US$40. However, some universities give their students a free private transport system, and several states have subsidized transport for students. 

In order to get a visa, you will need to prove to Australian authorities that you have an income of US$15,000 per year for living costs alone. If you want to study in Australia, check out the best online learning and in-person bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorate programs in Australia. 

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