Why Earn A Degree in Communication and Media

Friday, July 3, 2020

Looking for an online learning bachelor’s degree in communication? Here are the best universities in which you can study the art of human interaction.  

The way we receive information everyday was not always like this. We have experienced how digital media has changed and with that the way we communicate with each other. Telling a good story is critical to engaging family, friends, teachers, and future employers.

Journalism is a career in which you need to be passionate about communication and telling the truth. But this is not the only path you can take if you study a bachelor’s degree in communication. Similarly to other careers, specialization is key. And in communication studies there are plenty of choices you can make.

But let’s start at the beginning. An online learning degree in communications is perfect for students who look for a professional outcome in writing marketing, journalism, or public relations. Communication is not always related to journalism and that is the magic of it. A bachelor’s degree in communication can lead you to workplaces you did not know existed, such as music supervisor, story producer, curator-in-chief…

One of the main benefits of studying communication is that you can tell a story in multiple forms: writing, making a film, broadcasting… A graduate in communication knows them all. And as a plus, this degree will let you work both in media and non-media organizations, as they all need a specialist to send messages between organization, from directors to members, and to the public.

The Best Universities in Australia to study communication

Bond University’s online learning programs

University of Technology Sydney's programs

University of Wollongong's bachelors

Check out these and other bachelor’s degree programs about communication or explore our website to find the programs that best fits you, whether it is a master’s degree, a doctorate or perhaps an online learning graduate degree. Start building your professional self.

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