How has COVID-19 changed the way communicate?

Friday, July 17, 2020

Our entire world has been recently turned upside down with the lockdown. Communication professionals have a key role in this new era. 

Everything changed once the novel coronavirus pandemic began: the way we receive education, the way we buy, and the way we communicate. The amount of phone and video calls people make and receive has shot up. Platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and so on have done a great effort to supply tools that allow people stay home and together through distance at the same time.

Telecommunication is going up as well as the use of social media and social networks. Hosting virtual parties, happy hours, and meeting friends. Even people who before did not consider themselves "phone people" have experienced the rush to connect online.

Psychologists explain that under normal circumstances, we turn to friends and family when there’s a problem or a crisis. Being cut off any social interaction, we don’t have any chose other than voice and video calls. We can reconnect because we all have something in common to talk about.

Business Communication
During these changing times, business have struggled to follow guidelines regarding social distancing, but also strengthen their ways of communication, focusing on improve communication from a distance. Electronic commerce has rapidly increased their sales, so there is new business adapting their business models to fit in the new ways of living and buying. This implies the budget of communication areas must increase.

Professionals graduate from a bachelor’s degree in communication help to improve the communication both with customers and employees. They have a valuable resource to companies now more than ever. If you want to study communication, check out the best universities in Australia offering both online learning and in-person courses.

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