Here’s why you should become a Teacher in Australia

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

An unprecedented shortage of applicants for education vacancies in the public and private sectors is one of the reasons why you should become a teacher in Australia.

The field of education may be a great place to start if you're searching for a job that is satisfying, demanding, and always changing. There are more job prospects for those interested in a career in education as a result of the increased demand for education jobs.

Education is one of the most popular majors in schools, thus more and more individuals are choosing to become a teacher in Australia.

An undoubtedly wonderful field to enter if you're seeking for a job where you'll feel wanted. 

Why are teachers so important?

Every student's life is profoundly impacted by their teachers, making their work crucial.

In preschools, early childhood teachers and education support personnel work with Australia’s youngest minds, to create a love of learning and share the foundational knowledge required for future life, setting them on course to thrive. 

More than anyplace else, people need effective educators and teachers in order to help them become better versions of themselves.

Now it's the best time to become a teacher and a leader in the Education field. Student enrollment is projected to increase; so postsecondary teachers and preschool, elementary, and secondary school teachers are in more demand than ever.

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Jobs in Australian Education

However, there is a long way to go to put these jobs in place. Education, training, and library occupations are affected by state and local budgets, and budgetary restrictions may limit employment growth.

The recent severe staff shortages that have afflicted school systems around the nation have put an unprecedented amount of burden on classroom teachers and other school workers, who are already exhausted.

Generalist Primary, English, Maths and PE are the learning areas where they are seeing unprecedented levels of staffing vacancies.

These shortages are not new, but the epidemic has made the situation worse and students are now suffering as a result.

Teacher shortage in the public sector

For instance, a new survey by the Australian Education Union (AEU) Victorian Branch has revealed that almost 90% of public school principals in Victoria are gravely concerned that there won’t be enough teachers for every classroom for the start of 2023.

The Australian Education Union Victorian branch survey across primary, secondary and special schools in metropolitan Melbourne and regional and rural Victoria shows that:

  • Almost 50% of the principals surveyed said they are ‘greatly concerned’ about their ability to fill teacher vacancies for the start of the 2023 school year.
  • More than 80% of all principals surveyed said it had become ‘much harder’ to fill staffing vacancies across all areas of the curriculum and school in the past year.
  • Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, more educators are leaving the profession or retiring early. The top reasons cited by principals for teachers leaving the profession included stress/burnout, workload, and earlier than expected retirement. 
  • 98% of principals reported that the number of applicants is fewer than they would expect for new hires.

AEU Victoria president Meredith Peace said that results of the survey reveal the severity of the teacher shortage in Victoria.

According to Peace: “The Andrews government must act boldly and immediately to address the shortage to avoid a disaster. The state government’s obligation to ensure all children can access high quality public education must be matched by investment in the profession. Principals worrying about not having enough teachers and staff to fill classroom vacancies by next year shows just how acute the teacher shortage crisis is a reality”.

The effects are already being felt in classrooms across the state, with a significant number of principals alarmed by the lack of applicants to fill teacher and support staff vacancies in schools. 

"If the Victorian government wants to stem the current teacher shortage crisis and ensure that students across the state have qualified teachers in front of them, they must first look at the retention of existing teachers”.

AEUhas released a ten-year plan with recommendations to attract and retain teachers.

Urgent action is required including:

  • Retention payments for keeping current employees in kindergartens and public schools employed as well as incentives to do so.
  • The Department of Education will centrally employ a sizable pool of initial teacher education graduates who are finishing their courses this year, to guarantee a supply of teachers for 2023 and to provide graduates assurance of further workload reductions.

Start your journey to become a teacher

When it comes down to it, the pursuit of an education is an investment in your future, and a way to help you become more successful.

According to the Department of the Education of the Government, to teach in a Western Australian public school, including relief teaching, you must have a recognised tertiary teaching degree.

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Investing in yourself is always a good idea. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in education, don't hesitate; recognizing how important this field is will only make you better at what you do.

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