What are the advantages and challenges facing Environmental Management?

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Do you want to learn more about environmental management? We share with you some of the pros of studying for a degree in this field and some of the challenges it represents. 

University courses with a focus on sustainability, on caring for the environment, with firm rules on respect for ecology, natural spaces, and resources are becoming more and more frequent in our society and there's no wonder why. For example, Environmental Management is currently highly demanded; however, just as it brings great advantages, it also represents great challenges for those who decide to pursue this profession.

What is Environmental Management?

First, it is important to be aware of what Environmental Management is about. This is a set of measures aimed at working comprehensively on the environmental system. In other words, it is about the strategy so that human actions affect the environment as little as possible and thus achieve sustainable development. The concept is also known as environmental management.

To achieve this objective, there are different Environmental Management policies that focus on specific issues such as land-use planning, environmental impact assessment, prevention and control of pollution, preservation of wildlife and ecosystems, and environmental education.

What are the advantages of Environmental Management?

Correct environmental management both in society and in companies from producers to commerce brings with it great advantages such as the following:

  • It is a positive factor for improving the competitiveness of today's companies.

The certification of having an environmental management system or policy in companies and institutions has a positive impact on the external image of companies. In addition, it is a favorable factor to consider in public tenders and more and more private companies are demanding it from their suppliers.

  • Reduction of the environmental impact derived from human activities
  • Respect for biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Ensures compliance with environmental legislation in companies
  • Improves social awareness around the issues that make up environmental management

What are the challenges faced by professionals in Environmental Management?

Starting with the amount of material and human resources dedicated to environmental management. Today it is a career that is just being integrated, so there are still not many professionals who dedicate themselves to this profession and at the same time, some political and economic issues end up being a brake on many activities of this career in different countries.

On the other hand, there are limitations derived from the need to have an expert in a field, who is required to have environmental knowledge, legislation according to the country in which it is located, that is, the knowledge required will be different from one geographic point to another.

Lastly, there is the need for the commitment of entire organizations and societies to environmental management in order to obtain good results. It is impossible to make a big change if there are only a few who do their part.

The environment is one of the fundamental pillars for the well-being of our society and today, more and more organizations understand the importance of environmental management and the benefits that this implies.

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