Are you passionate about Cinema? This college degree is for you!

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Would you like to be a film director or participate in the creative process of one? Then this article is for you! 

The time to choose a college degree to study has come and we know that the number of options seems to be infinite. We are also aware of the constant dilemma of whether we should pursue a degree with the best career and economic future or pursue the college degree we are passionate about, but whose job opportunities are not so encouraging.

Here, we invite you to find a balance, so that you can study the college degree of your dreams and at the same time, complement it with other topics, courses, or diplomas to improve your profile and get better job opportunities in the future. In this article, we share more information about a college degree that you should definitely study if you are passionate about cinema: Cinematography.

What is cinematography?

Cinematography is the art of reproducing moving images, as is the case with movies, videos, or documentaries. This activity is mainly done with video cameras, and its purpose is to find and capture moving images usually accompanied by sound. It is worth mentioning that creativity is a fundamental trait in this sector.

Cinematography as a university career aims for students to learn about the technique and art of the cinematographic areas of production, direction, documentary, artistic direction, script, sound, animation, editing, and post-production through audiovisual theory.

What does a cinematography graduate do?

Cinematography is about bringing a textual or spoken story to an audiovisual format; therefore, professionals in this sector have an enormous range of possibilities where they can specialize and develop their projects.

The graduate in this career has job opportunities in different areas in the film industry, such as lighting, filters to use, aesthetics and camera management, direction, among others.

Actually, by studying for a college degree in cinematography you will have the necessary tools and knowledge for the creation of films, scenery, lighting, sound, photography, documentary, directing, animation, and post-production in general.

Also as a graduate, you will have job opportunities in the media, in any project that involves audiovisual and multimedia production and you also have the opportunity to be a teacher in the area.

Characteristic you must have to study cinematography

We can mention the following as fundamental characteristics in the sector:

  • Creativity
  • Visual memory
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to understand symbols
  • Ability to visually organize items
  • Adaptability

Studying for a college degree in cinematography is undoubtedly a very interesting and stimulating option since we can start by saying that the training is peculiar, since it moves away from the themes of classic formalist careers, and closer to creative, analytical, interpretive and artistic subjects. The entire academic process is extremely dynamic since it is studied in theaters and cinemas and in different environments that go beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. If your dream is to study cinema, don't hesitate!

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