Why is Digital Marketing so important for companies?

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

We share some of the reasons why professionals in Marketing are needed in nowadays companies.

When considering a college degree to study, our mind at some point leads us to question how profitable it can be for ourselves to study what interests us, questions such as: Are there job opportunities in the sector? Or who needs professionals on the subject? If you are considering studying Digital Marketing, we have good news for you! Experts in this sector are required in all types of organizations and in this article, we share with you why it is convenient for companies to hire and rely on the specific knowledge of this degree.

What is digital marketing?

First of all, we want to briefly define this Marketing approach. Digital Marketing is a set of strategies planned in detail through digital media for commercial purposes or the dissemination of brand content. Frequently we will find among these strategies email marketing, content marketing, and video marketing.

The goal of Digital Marketing is to create strong and lasting links between the consumer and the brand.

Why is it convenient for companies to implement Digital Marketing strategies?

When it comes to strategies to connect with the public and position yourself among consumers and in the market, marketing is the right career to do this task. No matter the size or type of organization, having the knowledge and vision of a marketing expert is more than convenient. Next, we share the main reasons why companies should bet and invest in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing allows a global reach: digital marketing has the Internet as its work area, which is a global element. Therefore, developing strategies and implementing them in this aspect allows a reach that goes beyond borders.
  • The results are measurable in real-time: great advantage of digital marketing is that results are obtained in real-time, which allows the efficiency of the strategies to be analyzed at any time.
  • Segmentation is much more precise: digital tools allow much more exact segmentation. It is possible to select much more specific niches based on tastes, interests, belonging to an institution, gender, location, among other elements.
  • Cost reduction: digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing since it requires a smaller amount of investment and still has a greater reach and impact.
  • Facilitates consumer loyalty to the brand: digital platforms have the particularity of facilitating emotional connection more easily with consumers since it is easy to interact and create ties.
  • It contributes to the creation of communities with customers: thanks to digital marketing and platforms, it is possible to create spaces where consumers can interact on the issues that unite them, which eventually leads them to be more participatory with brands.
  • Published content is permanent: unlike traditional marketing campaigns, what is shared on digital platforms lasts over time and can be returned to when users want and from wherever they want.

Digital Marketing is undoubtedly another representation of the scope that digital transformation has brought with it. Experts in this sector are necessary if organizations want to position themselves positively, increase sales, connect with their audiences and achieve their goals, just as it is necessary to invest in this marketing approach if you want to survive as a brand.

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